About me

Well to start off my name is Taylor. I am a 16 year old girl from Canada who has a passion for everything makeup. I’m open to every single type/style of makeup, it’s just something that really fascinates me. This “obsession” has been since I turned 15. I’ve always known where I want to go in life, what school I want to attend and I’ve set goals for myself and my future career. I started my Youtube Channel in June 2011. I’ve always always wanted to make a beauty channel because it was such a passion of mine but I was continuously scared of what other people might think of me or if people from school would find out and make fun of me. I decided to just face my fear and do it anyways. Because in another year the people I went to school with and their opinions of me won’t matter. I feel like from my first upload to this day I have come a very long way in these short past months. Looking back on my first video I was SOO quiet and shy infront of the camera. Now I feel like I’m not just speaking to myself essentially but I’m talking to all my subscribers. It’s made me so happy that I started a youtube channel, just knowing there are 650+ of you watching my videos and sharing the same interests that I do. I can’t wait to see what the future brings me and I’m excited to continue with Youtube no matter what people say (: xo


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